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Jim Morrison - Ostatnie dni sław 23:55

Temat: JAK STOSOWAC Thermal PRO + T-3 + Thyro-Cuts II
with T2? as it is with T3. One study showed that T2? is 13% less inhibitory on TSH levels, as compared to T3. (22) In yet another study, T3 and T2? suppressed TSH to similar levels; however, it took 15 mcg/100g body weight per day of T3 to accomplish this, while it took a whopping 200 mcg/100g body weight per day of T2? to accomplish the same thing. This means it took about 13 times more T2? to exert the same effect on TSH as T3. (23) One last study. When researchers administered 100 ug/Kg of T3 and 800-1600 ug/Kg of T2? the following occurred: T3 rapidly decreased serum TSH levels within minimal levels after 24 hours. Seventy-two hours after application, TSH levels were still significantly lower than control levels. As far as the T2?, TSH levels were transiently reduced and reached their lowest point at 24 hours and increased afterwards. Basal levels were reached 72 hours after an application. What they found after analyzing the data was that there seemed to be a trend for a dose-dependent (meaning, the higher the dosage, the more TSH was inhibited) suppression of TSH by T2? which did not reach statistical significance. That means it didn't do it to a significant degree with the dosages used. Furthermore, it appears as though it took 100 times more T2? than T3 to finally exert the same amount of TSH inhibition. Even using 400 times more T2? than T3, it appears that T3 only allows TSH to be inhibited to just a slight degree less than T2?...." Jak ktoś ma jakąś opinię na ten temat to niech poprze ją argumentami.
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Temat: Gaspari Nutrition - Thermogenic Thyrotabs
... sustaining fat loss as Gaspari Thermogenic Thyrotabs while minimize endogenous TSH reduction. Accept no substitutes! The active ingredient in Gaspari Thermogenic Thyrotabs is incredibly difficult and expensive to make. Each and...
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